Unconditional Suitor (Rollins of Riverview Book 3) Daphanie Austin



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Unconditional Suitor (Rollins of Riverview Book 3)  by  Daphanie Austin

Unconditional Suitor (Rollins of Riverview Book 3) by Daphanie Austin
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Trevor Lee Rollins has never forgotten Jenny Lynn McGreggor, and no other woman can compare to the love that vanished so many years ago. He has answered the call to preach and is studying under his current pastor. Trevor has resigned himself watching his nieces and nephews play and never having a family of his own, but when Jenny suddenly reappears in Riverview he is ready to marry her on the spot.Jenny has loved Trevor since she was seven years old. Forced into a life she never wanted Jenny vows to never return to Riverview, or to let Trevor know what she has become.

But something happens that has Jenny seeking out Trevors family and she has to go home. Trevor is even more handsome than she remembers and his big heart is even more beautiful than the outside. Jenny desperately tries to push him away. She is the last woman a man like him needs, but her resolve starts to crumble under Trevors relentless pursuit.After all...Who could resist an Unconditional Suitor?

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