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Gweilo  by  Brian Nicholson

Gweilo by Brian Nicholson
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The theft of a birthright has been the motive for murder since Jacob usurped it from his elder brother, Esau. The birthright to the immense riches of Hong Kong would vanish at midnight on 30th June 1997 as a result of the signing of the Anglo-Sino Joint Declaration in 1984. Not only the New Territories would be handed back to China - acquired by Great Britain in the 1898 treaty - but also Hong Kong Island which was ceded to Great Britain in perpetuity after the first Opium war in 1842, thus forming the birthright of the descendants of those intrepid traders and settlers who had arrived in Hong Kong - a place of sweet water - under the straining canvas of the triangular sky and moonraker topsails of their lean-hulled trading clippers.

For one gweilo - the derogatory word used by the Chinese for the Caucasian expatriate - being dispossessed of his inheritance and betrayed by his own country had developed into an all-consuming fury. If he and his descendants couldnt have Hong Kong, then no one would have it - least of all the Chinese.In 1986, two years after the signing of the Joint Declaration, the reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded. The subsequent meltdown and escape of radioactive material turned the surrounding area for hundreds of square miles into a deserted wasteland of mutant plants and animals and humans riddled with cancer.

The world reeled in horror and condemned the corrupt and decaying Soviet Union for its crass incompetence. But one man in Hong Kong, whose ancestor had disembarked from the first of the clippers to anchor in Victoria Harbour and whose father had died for Hong Kong, tortured to death by the Japanese occupation force in 1943, sawthe Chernobyl disaster in a different light.This is John Gunns first assignment with the British Intelligence Directorate for which he is head-hunted from his SAS induction course because of his fluency in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

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